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We help busy dentists transform outdated, worn-out facilities into fresh, exciting spaces. In just five steps, we employ a holistic approach that limits your practice's downtime, and gives your patients the quality space they deserve.

Exceed Expectations

Your most powerful marketing tool is and always will be referrals from current clients. When someone on Facebook asks for recommendations for a new dentist, orthodontist, or maxillofacial surgeon, you want your customers to be the first and most passionate to recommend you. No longer can your business – any business – simply provide a service. You must exceed client’s expectations to create enthusiastic fans of your practice.

Whether you are general, pediatric, endodontic, orthodontic, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontist, prosthodontics – it’s time to provide a premium experience to your clients.

Online reviews and social media recommendations are vital to your business. Your customers want to feel safe and comfortable, sure. But imagine a day when your space is so modern and comfortable to your patients, they take photos and post to Instagram about it! It is absolutely possible to have this kind of positive attention for your practice from existing clients. And, that’s the kind of marketing money can’t buy.

Time for Change

When was the last time you renovated your practice? Or, perhaps asked a long-time customer to provide candid feedback about their experience in your space; from the time they park their car until they make their next appointment on their way out? If your space is outdated or “rough around the edges,” that’s a signal to them that you’re not keeping up with the latest technology. Or, worse – raising questions about general cleanliness and standards of hygiene.

t3 can help. Thomas Grey Interiors and 3ten Architecture have teamed up to help practices like yours achieve a premium customer experience.

We understand renovating can be daunting. t3 has experience with projects of every size, scope and budget – whether you simply need a fresh coat of paint or a new build from the ground up. We have the tools and expertise to ensure safe operations while we upgrade your space and increase customer satisfaction.

Safety and comfort are non-negotiable in your industry. t3 helps you go beyond ordinary, creating extraordinary experiences that will have your customers raving.

Our Services

Basic Comforts

Our fastest way to get a fresh look.

Paint—$3.50 sq. ft.

Carpet—$12.00 sq. ft.

LVP/LVT—$9.00 sq. ft.

Designer's Touch

Remodel to make your existing footprint work harder for you and your clients. We’ll conduct a thorough analysis and make recommendations for reception, lighting, millwork, and more.

Full Custom

Focus on efficient operations. By tweaking and/or reconsidering the entire flow of your facility (or building an entirely new one from the ground up) there’s no stone left unturned.

Minimum space requirement is 500 sq. ft. All prices shown include material and labor and may vary depending on client preferences and/or selections. Excludes heavy furniture lifting and necessary wall and/or floor prep.

Lashley Dental Office

Lashley Dental Office was growing and needed to accommodate more patients – and needed to do so while maintaining normal operations. We provided a smooth flow from the existing facility to the expanded space, as well as brighter waiting experience through new furniture, higher ceilings and larger windows. We designed the space to account for future expansion needs, including additional enclosed rooms and a secondary sterilization area. Our most creative solution? Building the expansion around exterior stairs, which became interior stairs.

Cirrus Dental Office

How could we make a dentist office buried deep in a retail center with no natural light feel inviting and comfortable? We cut a giant hole in the roof to flood the space with natural light! We also created pie-shaped operatories to reduce wasted space and allow for more operations in a smaller footprint. The new, circular layout also allowed us to create a more intuitive flow for customers and staff. Centering the operation around the center skylight had customers talking about their dentist’s office in the best possible way.

Safari Smiles Dental Office

Do you want to go to the dentist? YES! We wanted to change the narrative kids and parents have about going to the dentist, so we designed a fun, entertaining (aka distracting) and exciting space not often found in dentist’s offices. Children love going to this dentist thanks to this full remodel of the interior of this pediatric dental facility. We packed as much fun and visual interest into small spaces as possible.

“I have worked with Rachel on several remodels over the years in my own home and she has consistently delivered a quality and creative project from beginning to end. We will never use another interior designer.”

-Dr. Robert H. Fleming, MD

“We have enjoyed working with Chad on several of our office designs. He is in tune with what we want and capturing all our ideas creating the space we envisioned. Being ahead of the trends, They offer cutting-edge design ideas while keeping our budget in mind. They care about their clients and are truly invested in the projects they design. I look forward to working with Chad and his team in the future.”

Janice Neal, Trimmell and Anders Orthodontics

Rachel Thomas | Rachel always knew that she wanted to create beauty in construction. After receiving her B.S. in Interior Design from The Art Institute, she worked as an interior designer at GLMV Architecture, Cessna Aircraft and Koch Business Solutions, and has a diverse background in both commercial and residential design. Rachel founded Thomas Grey Interiors in 2012, which is located in a beautiful 3,000sf space in the heart of downtown Wichita. She opened Thomas Grey Interiors with the intent of bringing an edgy, artsy vibe to her client’s spaces and has a successful track record of doing just that. Thomas Grey Interiors (TGI) is a full-service interior design firm for residential and light commercial clients. Rachel and her team work with a variety of clientele to help build their dream spaces or revamp their existing spaces. TGI provides access to products that complement the design consulting services including modern and antique furniture, designer textiles, and home and office accessories. The personalized services she and her team provide capture clients’ desires while maintaining a reasonable budget from concept to implementation.
Chad Glenn | Chad dreamed of “drawing all day long” since childhood. After he graduated from Kansas State University with a B.S. in Architecture and entered the workforce, he realized there was much more to architecture than drawing. Chad discovered his greatest passion was building relationships. He opened 3ten Architecture because he saw how important it was to understand the “why” behind client’s projects, to earn trust, and to be a holistic partner throughout each project. Chad also discovered each project is only as successful as its team. Collaboration, communication, curiosity and accountability are just a few of 3ten Architecture’s values that Chad brings to every partnership. When clients and partners work with 3ten Architecture, they get more than the drawings needed to complete a remodel or new build. They get a partner who never settles for what is but is always reaching for what is next.

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